EB Awareness Graphics
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Below are various graphics, fairy dollz, blinkies and more that you can adopt and put on your website, blog, e-mail etc. to help spread EB Awareness.

~ Adoption ~

The purpose of these adoptables is to spread awareness of the skin disorder Epidermolysis Bullosa. If you have come here from outside my EB website, you can click HERE to learn about this severe skin disorder.

1) NO DIRECT LINKING! Please do not direct link these images because it steals my bandwidth. Save them to your computer by right clicking on them.

2) Please link anything you adopt to www.ebpatient.com

2) Please do not adopt a fairy doll without also choosing one of the talk bubbles and linking it to my site! YOU MUST link either the doll/talk bubble or both to www.ebpatient.com
All dollz require you to take a talk bubble. Here is an example of how you can put the two together on your site. You can choose animated
or non-animated talk bubbles, one for
each fairy you adopt. However if you
adopt multiple fairies you can use one of
large talk bubbles instead.

~ More ~
I apologize there are currently only a few boy fairies available, almost all of them are girls. Since I do not make the graphics myself I don't have a lot of control over this, but I will try to add more boys if possible.

I would really appreciate if you filled out this form after adopting a fairy or blinkie, so I can see where their new homes will be, but it is not a requirement.
Also if you fill this out I will be happy to add a link to your site at the bottom of this page!

Fairy Dollz
Fairy Talk

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Finally, it's on to the graphics!
EB Angels
These are special EB Angels. They can be used in memory of a child, friend or family member who has passed away from Epidermolysis Bullosa or just as a dedication to all our EB angels up in heaven.
I've included a special talk bubble just for them.
This one is especially good for the fairy dollz dressed in red, white and blue.
These are non-animated. The larger one can be used when grouping multiple fairies together or for the fairy graphic below where four fairies are sitting at a pond.
Here's another animated one.
NOTE - this is one image
Thanks to Starla at Graphics Fantasy
Mitsiki at DollieCrave
and Julie at Doll Avenue
for the use of their Dollmakers and Blinkie makers!!!
Thankyou to Kisses Embrace and Louise's Lodge for donating such beautiful graphics for us to use!
If you've adopted anything from this page, let me know and

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*Mini EB Angels*Butterfly Babies*EB Awareness Blinkies*

The below images and blinkies were adopted from Silvia's EB Info World. Please visit her site to adopt your own! She has many more to pick from!
Here are some of the people who have adopted an EB Awareness Graphics!

The two beautiful blinkies below were kindly donated from Kisses Embrace! Thanks so much! You are free to adopt these and link them to www.ebpatient.com and if you would also like to give credit to the maker you can add a link to Kisses Embrace, the URL is http://www.geocities.com/kiss_lock/Index.htm
These beautiful graphics below were kindly donated by Louise's Lodge! You are free to adopt these and link them to www.ebpatient.com and if you would also like to give credit to Louise's Lodge you can use the graphic below and link it to http://www.louiseslodge.co.uk/